[Manufacturer vs. Manufacturer] = SAVINGS
There are two reasons we second source materials; to introduce competition and to increase procurement options. Competition helps reduce your acquisition costs. Second and third sources are key in times of part shortages. Our technical team is in tune with your needs.

At Florida Circuit, "options" is a beautiful word. Florida Circuit will review a Bill of Material to identify and introduce additional sources. The goal is to set up competitive scenarios.
We know that .... 
  • Manufacturers are hungry for print position
  • National Distributors have unique strengths
  • Smaller Regional Distributors have specialized stock/price programs
  • High quality offshore manufacturers are eager to make their mark in the U.S. market.
Florida Circuit brings the knowledge and technical expertise to seek cost effective alternates to your approved vendor list. We make every effort that proposed alternates are researched, sampled and qualified. The result is lower overall cost to our customers.

Cost Studies and Competitive Scenarios

Florida Circuit has programs in place that address acquisition cost. Our Bill of Material review program addresses areas where contract pricing can be improved. Our cost studies attempt to align your approved manufacturer list with the vendors that offer best case pricing and availability. Our engineering staff looks for opportunities to set up competitive scenarios, pitting manufacturer against manufacturer. Commodity packages are set up to solicit large contract bargaining. The benefit is a lower overall cost for components.   [Recent Scenarios]

Global Procurement
Our reach has no borders. Florida Circuit procures from hundreds of vendors around the globe. Whether we buy from manufacturers direct, their authorized distributors, independent brokers or end users, one thing remains constant ... Scrutiny. Our quality program dictates that we pre-qualify and certify all vendors.  [Featured Examples]

Offshore Vendor Considerations
Florida Circuit can reduce your risk and liability in dealing with offshore suppliers. Components procured on your behalf are delivered to your dock with no overseas shipping charges, duties, tariffs or taxes, and no bank fees for wire transfer of funds. Florida Circuit assumes all of these liabilities. All suppliers in our European and Pacific Rim network are pre-qualified with great scrutiny. Our aim is to provide you with quality components that adhere to manufacturer specifications. Our traffic management guidelines stipulate suppliers must adhere to proper transportation and packaging methods. [Featured Example]