At Florida Circuit, "done" is a call to action. When a part goes obsolete,  the real work begins. Florida Circuit will review the situation and present multiple options to our customers, including End-of-Life notification, Last-Time-Buy options, alternate source opportunities, stocking packages and an assessment of the excess marketplace.

Choosing the Right Supplier.
Our customers choose Florida Circuit because we know how to choose our suppliers. Obsolete components are commonly listed as new and original, but this is not always the case. Components can be reclaimed from PCB's, cleaned, sanded, rebranded and refurbished to new condition. Florida Circuit can distinguish between the "good guys" and the "crooks". Stringent vendor selection is the first step to guard against sub-standard product.

Exhausting Efforts.
Florida Circuit will send ECN and Last-Time Buy options to the customer. Extensive research is done to determine if a suitable alternative is currently in production. Samples and specifications are relayed to engineering for review and possible qualification. If the Last-Time Buy is missed and there are no alternatives, Florida Circuit will offer a special stocking program to support production with the obsolete device.

Stocking Support.
Once all efforts to qualify a suitable substitute have been exhausted, and the Last-Time Buy is expired or exceeded, Florida Circuit will source the obsolete product in the excess market. All precautions are made to assure authentic product is secured. Once located, Florida Circuit can work with the customer to maintain inventories for future schedules or until such time as to allow for redesign of the end product.