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does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to our services, and operation of this website. If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced. Headings are for reference purposes only. You and Florida Circuit LLC are independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this agreement.

Only OEMs and EMS Providers are eligible to send their list of excess inventory, which they want to dispose of, to Florida Circuit. All sources of information will be screened and if not of OEM origin, data will not posted via Florida Circuit's publicity tools. OEMs are requested to update their excess inventory list at least monthly or, when inventory quantities change at the OEM location. Florida Circuit LLC will maintain part availability changes due to sales by Florida Circuit. This will provide accurate part availability. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in removal of publications of the OEMs listings by Florida Circuit, in which case you will be advised of such action. Data integrity is the responsibility of the OEM and all data shall be accurate and truthful. Unless otherwise specified, Florida Circuit LLC only accepts new products. If products are damaged, used, modified or not in their original packaging, you need to specify so to Florida Circuit LLC on your inventory list. It is at the discrepancy of Florida Circuit, whether these parts are to be posted as available for sale. In the event that a submitted part is not posted for sale, you may be advised of such.

3. SELLING TO Florida Circuit
As a seller, if you offer to sell a stated quantity of a specific product(s) at a specified price to Florida Circuit, you will be obligated to fulfill the transaction. You cannot cancel or modify your offer without Florida Circuit's consent. Unless specified, substitution of parts is not accepted. Once a purchase order has been issued to you the seller, you are obligated to ship the product(s) within 1 working day. Florida Circuit LLC reserves the right to modify the terms, cancel, or delay the shipment at any time if you fail to meet your obligations. Payment for the product(s) will be net 30 days unless otherwise specified and mutually agreed upon. Florida Circuit LLC will specify the carrier for shipping. Florida Circuit LLC will pay carrier freight, duty and carrier handling charges. Florida Circuit LLC is not liable for any other charges. You warrant that: you have a good clean title without any encumbrances for each item, each item has been paid in full by you and that there are no outstanding liabilities of each item, each item has been handled and stored in accordance with accepted industry practices, the date codes of each item is accurate, you are not aware of any defects, non-conformances to the manufacturer's original specifications, and that each item is new, unused and in it's original smallest unit packaging. You are responsible for ensuring product(s) are delivered in the same state which they were shipped up to reception of goods at Florida Circuit's shipping destination. Florida Circuit LLC is not liable for damage, loss, condition of, or performance of product(s) shipped until they have received the product(s). Florida Circuit LLC reserves the right to return purchased product(s) within 30 days of product receipt at Florida Circuit LLC for products which have been found to be non-conforming, non-functional or in breach of your representations and warranties in this agreement. Florida Circuit LLC reserves the right to quarantine any products deemed to be counterfeit goods. If items are returned to you, you will refund, (not credit), Florida Circuit LLC within two (2) days. Seller agrees to accurately value product on all export invoice and shipping documentation. Seller is to advise if product quoted/purchased IS or IS NOT traceable to a factory authorized source.

This section is for public use. Please specify details as requested in the form.

5. BUYING FROM Florida Circuit
By providing a Purchase Order to Florida Circuit, you commit to purchasing a specific quantity of product(s), at a specified price(s), from Florida Circuit LLC and you are required to complete the transaction subject to the terms and conditions stated herein and in compliance with details listed on the subsequent Florida Circuit LLC invoice. Florida Circuit LLC
may specify whether the product is at their inventory warehouse or at an OEM location. Florida Circuit LLC has two (2) business days to confirm availability of the item(s) ordered if they are at an OEM's location. Unless otherwise specified Payment of the order in accordance with the invoice pricing and net terms will be by check, wire transfer or money order in advance of the shipment if you do not have an approved credit rating at Florida Circuit. All products are shipped freight collect and duty charges, handling or other similar charges are the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. Florida Circuit LLC will provide you with a Waybill number, if requested, once the shipment has departed our shipping department. Florida Circuit LLC reserves the right to modify terms prior to shipment, request payment in advance, delay or cancel any shipment in the event that you do not fulfill all obligations stated herein and as stated on the Florida Circuit LLC invoice. Florida Circuit LLC will not be liable for delays, failure to comply or performance variations of shipments and/or payments, resulting from any embargos, natural disasters, wars, acts of God and any other circumstance beyond Florida Circuit's control. Unless otherwise specified, Florida Circuit LLC only sells new products.

You may return products to Florida Circuit LLC provided you have obtained, a Return Material Authorization number and the return request is done within 15 days of product shipping by Florida Circuit. When requesting a return of goods due to a product defect, a third party engineering test report explaining the defect is required. Florida Circuit LLC will not accept items returned without authorization. Returned items must be in same condition as when it was shipped to you. If you do not return and report all product problem(s) within the 15 days of shipping by Florida Circuit, you will be deemed as having accepted the product(s). Returning of products to Florida Circuit LLC shall be your sole responsibility. This includes but not limited to, freight, duty, handling and insurance charges. If the return conditions are met, and Florida Circuit LLC has accepted the product(s), you will be fully refunded or credited, at the sole discretion of Florida Circuit, for the purchase price.

Except as set forth in this agreement, all items are sold in their “as is” condition and are being transferred to you without any representation whatsoever as to their electrical quality or functionality. Florida Circuit LLC has not electrically tested them for quality or performance. You understand that Florida Circuit LLC has disclaimed any express or implied warranty, non-infringement and of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. You further understand that Florida Circuit LLC shall not be liable under any contract, incidental, special consequential or punitive damages, loss profits, loss business or cost of procurement of substitute goods or services in connection with items you purchase.

You represent and warrant and covenant that you are authorized to and have the right to enter into this agreement and that you neither have made nor will make any contractual or other commitment which would conflict with your performance under this agreement. Any of the items Florida Circuit LLC buys or sells may be subject to export or resale restriction or regulation under US. Law, and by making an offer to buy from, or sell to, Florida Circuit LLC any item you acknowledge that you are complying with these laws and will continue to do so. You acknowledge that the use or export of technology or software contained in any item may be restricted by the manufacturer or licensor of such item, technology or software, or by applicable law or regulation, and you agree to comply with all such restrictions. Florida Circuit LLC 's ability to complete any transaction is subject to your compliance with applicable law, including but not limited to U.S Laws and regulations governing the export of goods and technology. The items sold by Florida Circuit LLC are not intended for, and by making an offer to buy them you promise that they will not be used in, life support systems, human implantation, space level products, military products, nuclear facilities or systems or any other application where product failure could lead to loss of life or catastrophic property damage. If you break this promise, you agree that you will pay for any loss, cost or damage, which may result, to Florida Circuit.

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