Part Prep

Surface Mount Tape and Reel Services

With over 25 years of SMD taping experience, our third party reeling partner is a pioneer in the Surface Mount Tape and Reel Industry. Tape and Reel is their core business. They have the capacity of over 1 million parts per day, on a variety of equipment from all the leading manufacturers, both manual and totally automated, from 8 mm all the way to 120 mm widths. Multiple vision systems are used to verify part coplanarity and proper part placement. Every pocket, of every reel, is inspected for 13 quality criteria.

  •     Taping capability for all sizes ranging from 8 to 120mm.
  •     Full selection of reel sizes includes 7, 13, 15 and 22-inch reels.
  •     ESD procedures adhered to on all components
  •     Facility designed and built for the tape and reel process with conductive floors throughout the production environment.
  •     Possibly the largest inventory of SMD taping materials in the world

Memory Device and Flash Programming

Capacities vary greatly by package style and part type. However, daily volumes of 25,000 pieces are programmed and labeled, for memory, logic or microcontroller.

  • EPROM , EEPROM, FLASH, 8051, 68xx, 196xx, etc.
  • Packages include but are not limited to DIP, PLLC, PSOP, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, FQFP, BGA